Thursday, July 19, 2012

Two-Point Perspective Buildings

Again, I was inspired by Mrs. Miriam Paternoster. ()  She does such wonderful work.  I saw a post about a landscape that she did a while back and used it for my two point perspective  project for my 7th grade.  I feel that Mrs. Paternoster does a better job then I did with the project so be sure to check out her post (click here) as well as the couple changes I made here.

As you can see above I had the kids working on a large, skinny sheet of paper.  I would say the is 12 X 24 or so.  The students were asked to work in teams of two.  I found this to be very helpful in the transition to fully understanding two point.  Perspective is hard for students and this was a good way to help students feel more confident with the concept.  After drawing I asked the kids to divide the art in half so that they each had their own art work to paint.

I asked students to outline the buildings with sharpie marker or oil pastel.  I followed the suggestions of Miriam (see her blog) in painting these houses.  Students painted inside the houses with white gesso.  When dry, the students used watercolor to paint in the houses and background.  The gesso makes the watercolor paints almost look like acrylic.  I like the results of this process a lot.

Above are a couple of examples that are well done however, as you can see they have no horizon line.  I would change this instruction next time to require a horizon line to avoid the floating building situation. 

You can see the spotted technique used in the artworks above as well.  I asked student to experiment with rubbing alcohol.  I like the way it created the stars in the night image, but I think I would leave it as an option rather then a requirement next go round.

Above is an example of the apart, but together artwork.  These students created the work together but separated them so you see the different styles of each artist.  With the adjustments in my 'reflection' of this project, I will do this one again.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love your idea about the perspective, it's very difficult to realize for the students!!! I'm on holiday in Italy now , when do you finish the lessons? All the best!!