Friday, August 24, 2012

Elf House

We were on a bike trail the other day and ran across a ELF HOUSE!!!  My kids almost exploded they were so excited!  There was a little door with things... little things inside.  There was a sign that said this...

You have fount my little house.  Please don't wrick it for me and all of the children who enjoy finding it!  I takes me a long time to fix things.  You are welcome to explore my home and add a few NATURAL touches if you like. 

The Elf

Needless to say, my kids (and husband) HAD to start hand crafting some little goodies for the elf.  They made a slide out of bark and a couple benches out of twigs.  We had to make a visit the very next week.

I'm posting this to explain how important imagination is.  My kids dream about the elf, make projects for the elf, even knocked on the door before opening the elf door.  It was so fun, and magical.  I hope my kids look back at these days with GREAT memories of fun adventure of childhood.


  1. Oh yes, magical! It's obviously been made with some craftsmanship and lots of love too. Do you know who made it?

  2. You just made my day! Your children are so lucky to have this kind of experience and I'm sure they'll tell this magical story for the rest of their lives!