Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ruler doesn't work...

I was going through my posts and discovered a draft that was never posted.  This was a project from a couple years ago.  I thought I would share it anyway.

Here are is how I choose to teach the kids how to draw a grid using a ruler. After teaching mini's for many years I have learned some of the mistakes the kids make with a ruler. Here are some ruler tips and then I continue with how to make a grid for the paint by number project.


  1. I always found it amazing that we had to teach kids how to use rulers. I was stunned that this didn't happen in the classroom. I would tell my kids to hold the ruler down using their hand like a bridge, to spread out the contact points with the fingers and ruler, to hel prevent it from wiggling especially with longer rulers.

    I was also amazed I had to teach them to use the measurements. I spent time talking how to "zero" the ruler(my terminology). In other words, they needed to understand where the counting starts on the ruler, since some of my rulers (the cool transparent ones) had a little gap at the end before the measurements actually started. We marked edges of paper to make a uniform grid, since my rulers were not all the same width. Teaching kids to find inches, 1/2inches, etc blew my mind. I still don't understand why they are not already exposed to this and confident with it from math.

  2. Hi there! I am impressed by your videos and have been wanting to do this myself, so I could replay the techniques to help students who need another demonstration or to help chilren who were absent. I have an elmo document camera,but was wondering how do you record your lesson? What equipment do you use? What software do you use? I would appreciate any tips :) My email is

    Thank so much!

  3. This video is so helpful! I have a project I teach to 3rd graders where they have to make a grid and it can be a challenge for many of them. Thanks for the great tips and tricks! You had me laughing out loud with your impression of the kids LOL! Happy Holidays!