Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Simple Fun- Movie Necklaces

My sister does 'cousin camp' for my kids and their cousins every year.  My husband and I helped a bit this year because there are a couple of new babies in the mix and lots of kiddos all under 6 years old.  Here is just one of the GREAT ideas she picked up off from Pinterest (Looks like it was pinned from Blonie and Brownies).  We made Movie Necklaces.

She layed out a bunch of goodies for the kids to choose from.  We found that the chocolate items were popular (and messy).  We gave the kids a number of items they could add to the necklace. 

It took a lot of concentration and GREAT fine motor skills.  It was still very doable for our youngest 3 year-old cousin who was participating.  Two years might be a little young in my opinion for this project.   

I will have to say the necklaces didn't last as long as the half-an-hour movie... but they were a LOT of fun.  Thanks Molly for sharing with us!

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