Thursday, August 16, 2012

Simple K12 Webinars

I attended my first webinar... well acutely two of them.  I found Simple K12 where their tag line is 'Learning anywhere, anytime, even in your PJ's'.  There are free webinar's but there are benefits to purchasing a membership such as having all webinars archived.  Also you can earn teacher credits that can be used towards your licence.  I loved it because as the speaker was talking I had my ipad out, my computer out and I was typing away as my kids were playing in the next room. 

I listened to Shelly Terrel.  Her Twitter lists her as a "Education thought-provoker", amounts many other things.  She was quick and to the point with her presentation and gave me LOTS of places to research.  I attended her presentation on iPads and Digital Story telling.  I will be posting about what I learned a bit in the next couple of weeks.

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