Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Melting Beads

I bought my 3 year old niece some melting beads for her birthday.  I love these things!  I use them all the time for my mini's.  They work great for fine motor.  When looking up information to send with the gift I found a couple of great resources.

Here is a great idea for younger kids... Place them in a cookie cutter and bake on low... why didn't I think of that.  Have you tried this?  Does it work?

Above are some melting bead bowls as well... Very cool!  I got this one from the Meaningful Mama.  Again, any suggestions from people who have done this?

There are lots of video on 'how to' of melting beads... This might give you an idea of what they are if you are unfamiliar.

Fall is coming, inside activities are going to be needed... Here is a GREAT one for lots of ages!


  1. You could make them into mobiles, or Christmas ornaments which would be lovely. Are they just one layer deep in the cookie cutter?
    I'm actually thinking of arranging them into an egg ring to make a mandala which could then glued to paper and expanded out in a radiating pattern.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love the bowls! I can envision a large wall hanging of these linked together. Wonderful share and I will keep in mind for future rainy days!

  3. Thanks so much for this project! We actually did it today for my daughter's 8 year old birthday party. Such perfect timing! I posted images on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #minimatisse

  4. I love the tutorial by the little girl! I might have to try that sometime :).

  5. Is there a way I can email you? I have some questions about your ATC's. Love them! My email is