Thursday, September 20, 2012

Slot Shelters and Makedo!

I have some exciting news from Corinne Okada ( She is promoting some really great opportunities.    Start here to learn about her latest slot shelter challenge.  You will find out a creative sculpture like, and technology based project that might be the perfect fit for you!  I'm not sure what capacity I will be participating in this, but I know I will be.  I bet many of you would find this as exciting as I do.  Please, go check it out.

As a side note, I saw that she was sponsored by Makedo...  I wasn't sure what this product was so I investigated.  WOW!!!  I'm glad I saw this before my son's birthday.  It's perfect for my kids... THEY WILL LOVE IT.  Look into it yourself!


  1. Thanks for the post Mini Matisse! Look forward to seeing what your son makes! - Jenn and the Makedo team

  2. I like this house because it looks like a log cabin.

  3. i chose this because i really loved it: