Sunday, September 9, 2012

Suggestions for the Peace Poster?

After posting about the Lions Peace Poster I got this response from Ashley:

I'm doing this for the first time this year! We won't be starting for a couple weeks either. Any advice on how you do it? Do they brainstorm and do some rough drafts first? 

This is only the second time for me doing this with my 7th grade.  The way I make this work with our curriculum is I ask students to concentrate on the concept of Variety.  Our core concepts covered for 7th grade can be seen here (click here).  

I also have started to keep notes of my lessons digitally (just starting with 7th grade this quarter).  I'm using google docs and their new 'Labs' for adding attachements (lean about Labs by clicking here).  Each day I upload my supporting materials (worksheets, board notes, so on) and I also give a link to a YouTube.  I'm hoping this will allow students to be more proactive when missing class.  I also think this will help me out greatly as I repeat my lessons each quarter.  Check out our 7th grade calendar (click here).  You'll have to go back to last week to find my introduction to this lesson.

Do you have suggestions for Ashley (and me) when it comes to creating the Peace Poster?  Please comment.

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  1. Many thanks!! Your blog is so invaluable :) I plan to create a similar packet for them to brainstorm and sketch, a great way to begin!