Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How did you make the masks?

How did you do the Talking Masks?  This is a question I have gotten a since my most recent post on the masks by my 8th grade. (click here to see the post)

A lot of the mask was inspired by Peggy Flores.  Who doesn't love Peggy Flores?  If you have never seen a video by Mrs. Flores, you're missing out.  She has taught me a bit over the years.  Crystal Productions sells her videos if you're interested.  Peggy's video on masks inspired a lot of the 'Talking Masks' that I had my students working.  

I changed parts of Peggy's video and had my students record me as I was teaching.  The video I made is a little long.  I would show this in bits and the kids were working.  It was about a week project.  Here's what I have to share...

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  1. Loved the video - great tutorial! What were the dimensions of the paper you used?