Saturday, October 13, 2012

Watching them learn!

My son goes to a Meadowvale Elementary School, a school in my district.  I have had so much fun getting to know this school and the great staff that work there.  The school was doing a fundraiser for some new playground equipment.  Sawyer participated and they were lucky enough to meet their goal. There for they got to shave 'Big John' (a popular volunteer of the school).  Sawyer was choose as a shaver for the 1st grade.  SO GREAT!  There was not picture taken that I'm aware of so I asked Sawyer to write a Thank You to Big John.  I made a copy before it went out.  I love the learning brain.  Look at the phonetic way Sawyer spells everything out.  When he went to make the picture the first thin he colored was the red and green button on the raiser.  Kids are amazing!  I'm so happy to learn that everyday of my life from the students that I teach and the kids that I am raising!  
He writes:  I had a good experience!  I got picked to shave Big John's beard.  It made me feel awesome!

UpDATE:  This image was just sent to me... I think Sawyer did a great job with his picture!

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