Saturday, November 10, 2012

And there she was... in person...

Jessica Balsley of the Art of Educaiton and myself
Great start to a new quarter!

When to the Minnesota Art Education conference on Friday and got that VERY needed boost for my next quarter.  I took away some amazing snippets of energy from the sessions I attended.  A couple of hightlights were from a presentation from Minneapolis Textile Center.  I will have more to share from the session in the near future.  I learned a lot of things to do with my mini's at home.

An unexpected highlight was running into Jessica Balsley of The Art of Education Blog.  Jessica presented a session that I attended about assessment and got the whole room excited for assessment... not an easy task.  I looked, and then double looked at her because this was the first personal encounter of another blogger out there.  I have made 'friends' with many other bloggers but the relationships stay online.  Here she was, Jessica from Iowa... What a treat.  To top it off, she has wonderful things to offer to us as art teacher.  She is now offering professional development.  I will be taking some of her course in the NEAR future.  You should check it out... maybe we can take the classes together!


  1. It was so great to meet you too! I just posted this pic on AOE's FB page. Can't wait to connect again soon!! See, bloggers are real and they don't live inside a computer screen, right? :)

  2. Wonderful! It's great that you had a chance to meet Jessica and that you can take one of her classes! So glad that she is a real person and not a blog-bot! Whew!