Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Organize the drying rack...

So excited to have discovered this new method of organizing my drying rack.  I had to sing it from the roof tops... well at least the blogspot:)  I have tried several things in the past but this his my favorite by far! (and it only took 12 years to figure it out:)

I placed a tag with each of the hours on the end of a sheet of tag board.  When a class has placed their work on the rack, I place my tag board on the rack to separate the hours.  Now that good... but it gets better.

When I take the papers off the rack and put them in a pile, I place the marked tag board on top of the pile to help me stay organized.

PS.  A second way that I separate the piles is by switching the color of the paper that I have the kids mount their work on. 

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  1. Here's a link to the project that we did with our colored paper scraps:


    We used the scraps to make concentric circle mosaics inspired by Kandinsky. They came out really well!