Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Managing the Art Room

Well, just got done taking my first online class.  I'm HOOKED.  This is a message to all your art teachers out there.  Have you ever taken a class to further you education only to find out that you have 'make it work' for your area.  I went through and entire masters program where I just had to figure out how everything applies to me.  There was never any really good feedback from my facilitators because there was no other art teacher, not even another specialist as a facilitator.  This year at the Minnesota Art Education conference I found out there was an alternative.  Jessica from The Art of Education talked me into trying classes off her website.  I took Managing the Art Room and WOW it was really relevant.  Everything I did for this class was a take it home and make it happen activity.  I worked on managing my environment, classroom discipline, and parent interaction.  In the next couple of post I'm going to give you a little taste of the 'take aways' from my month long corse.  Thank you to The Art of Education for giving us art teachers classes just for us:)  

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