Friday, December 28, 2012

Topics in the class

Some of the topics discussed in my recently completed class, Managing the Art Room are as follows:

  • Helping Students Succeed 
  • Holding Students Accountable
  • Humor in the Classroom
  • Becoming a good Story Teller
  • Managing your Space
  • Clean up 
  • Student Teacher Relationships
  • Structures and Routines 
  • Parent Teacher Relationships 
Now tell me by reading through those topics they you couldn't use a little more insite in at least a couple of those areas... if not all of them.  One think I know about bloggers and blog readers is we are THIRSTILY for knowledge!  We want more and that is why we search online for ideas.  Believe me when I say, this is worth it.  I'm not getting any encouragement from anyone to write about this class... I'm just doing it because I think it was worth it, and I'll be taking more classes in the future from the Art of Education.

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