Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Team work

The recording of our sculptures went something like this...

I has my students working in our office in between our rooms.
 I think it was very importaning that the students are in a room where it is quiet... For this project, even a small closet would be fine.

Here you see student helping one another.
When recording the students brought in their script.  The iPad was on the doc stand (click here).  The stand was taped in place.  I also had created a frame to place the artwork in.  It was curd, but it worked.  The artist read and moved the lips as the other student (who was about to record) moved the eyes.  This gave student two a preview of what they would be doing for their project.

Here you can see the fram.  I made the frame to fit under the doc cam (iPad) nicely.  The sides are raised and so that the matte fits in well.  The sculptures are placed behind the mat with tape.  This helped the students get the sculptures in the right places to record. 


  1. LOVE Love love this idea! I will be trying this 4th quarter with a small group of middle school students conducting a famous artist research project. Thanks so much for sharing!