Monday, February 25, 2013

'CREATE' in the art office

'Create' in an art teachers office!
Our office was... well... it was not a place we wanted to spend a lot of time at.  The picture below is the way it was.  Very full of... well stuff... stuff that art teachers need, want, use (sometimes... well maybe someday).  I wanted to make this space a peaceful place for my coworker and I.  I started with a splash of color.

Something bring and bold... NEON green.  This green also lives in my house in several places.  I'm in love with the energy of this color and we needed energy in our office.

I started by drawing out my letters with paper and taping it ont he wall.  This way I got the spacing and size correct.  

This part is a bit hard to see.  I took a hammer and drove push pins into the wall around the letter.  If you can see below, this was the 'T'.

Then I choose some brightly colored string and webbed it between all the pins in the wall.  This part was a bit of work but I love texture and this technique screams... go on and touch me (but not really hard because it was a lot of work:)

And there we have it... CREATE and the beginning of our very comfortable office space.  The best part now is that we can use this space (for out students and ourselves).

Students working in our office.


  1. Very cool! You are going to want to spend time in there now! :)

  2. Whoa!! Great work!! I can see that you spent some time creating your space, but what a difference!! LOVE the string letters!