Monday, March 18, 2013

Abstract Watercolor made with SNOW

I was mostly inspired by Shapries, Paint, Paper... Oh My for this watercolor project my 8th grade just finished.  I have also seen this technique used by Art Projects For Kids, and on Artsonia.  Sometimes watercolors are used (as in my examples) and other times markers are used.  The artwork is created and then water is sprayed or splattered onto the work to form these free form shapes.  I thought we would make it a little more 'Minnesota' and add snow rather then water.

Students sprinkling snow on their art projects.
The kids had a great time getting the snow and using it in their work.

snow on artwork
The work turned out wonderful!!!  I feel most students thought it was interesting and a little bit of a relief to go abstract with their watercolor.



  1. I love that idea!! Of course.. you need snow, but is the perfect example of creativity: here and now, using everything is around you!! Brilliant!