Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Colored pop tab bracelets

Here's a new idea on an old project.  The last couple of quarters my 8th grade have made pop tab bracelets.  This quarter I will give the kids an option to spice things up a bit.  They can bring in finger nail polish to coat some of their tabs before making the bracelet.  To see how we made the bracelets  please click on this previous post.

Easy as can be but give it such a more 'middle school' feel.  I love it!


  1. ok I like this as an idea for my early finishers...are the boys willing to make them also?

  2. I make these with my art club as a fundraising tool. Never thought about adding color this way! We use the blank tabs with different colors of boondoggle string. When they use the blue tabs, the color usually wears off after a while. I bet the nail polish lasts a little longer. Do you spray them with a fixative or put a coat of clear polish on them?