Friday, March 15, 2013

Lucky paper

The kids and I made some 'LUCKY PAPER'.  When the paper is placed on a plate and kept wet cat nip will grow out of it, if you're lucky:) First we watched a video on how to make paper (click here). We change it a bit... Here's what we did...

The kids ripped up several sheets of paper and place it in warm water.  We let it sit for about a half hour.  

I used plenty of water and a cup of ripped, soaked paper in the blender (scored at goodwill for $3.99).

We used a low basin to place our screen in.  Poured the slurry onto the screen and pressed.  For some we pressed them into a cookie cutter, and others just into a circle.    

Then I placed some cat nip seeds on the top of the pressed paper and added a bit more slurry on the top.  Pressed the whole thing together and placed it under a fan.  I wanted it to dry quickly so the seeds wouldn't germinate.  

The kids decorated the paper with Shaprie markers and watercolor.  

We sent them out in the mail to lot's of friends with the following note.  Feel free to use our print out for the Lucky Paper.  The instructions explain to place the paper in a shallow plate or dish and keep wet for several days.  After about 10 days the seeds start to grow.  My kids have a good time with the activity.  

Yep... we must be lucky... it worked for us.

Get your lucky paper print out by clicking here