Saturday, March 30, 2013

Remodeling our Fireplace

Spring Break Project 2013

We had Thursday, Friday and Monday off for Spring Break this year and my mother-in-law took our kids to Florida for a week.  What are these two parents going to do with all their spare time?  Another home remodel project:)  We had a couple of things that we wanted to improve on in our living room.  First, my daughter didn't understand that if the shower head is pointing out of the bath tub and into the vent you should tell someone (like Mom or Dad).  She flooded our bathroom and we had some damage to our ceiling.  The second thing I wanted to do was make our fireplace 'fit in' better with the rest of our house.  We also wanted to get rid of the cords from the TV.

After School Monday and Tuesday, my husband and I scraped, repaired and popcorn our ceiling.  We also added 4 more can lights.  In Minnesota, we can use all the light we can get in those long winter months. 

We had already removed the old mantel, and added the pillers.  The floor in front of the fire place was made with end wood grad tiles.  The tiles on the walls are my choice... Hexagons (my new obsession).   

The mantel... well that's where I'm the most impressed with my husbands skills:)  We did not want any cords... He made it happen with a mantel that opens.  He used a log from Wisconsin (his home state) and carved it out, put it on a hinge and WOW... What an amazing result!

We hung the TV a bit high so I have room for adding some decorations for holidays and such.  It has been one productive spring break!


  1. Hi Mrs Hahn, that timber looks perfect!

    Thanks for being a part of my little competition : )

    I'm not sure if you've seen my most recent post, it turns out everyone's a winner and there's a cd coming your way...

    Please let me know a postal address I can mail to via

    artwithmrhall at gmail dot com


  2. Give your husband my regards... that is beautiful! I am impressed that you two could work together and get that all done! My hubby and I would end in divorce. :)

  3. That is beautiful. The two of you should be very proud. Hats off your hubby on the log. It is amazing!

    Do you follow my blog? We're currently DIY-ing our whole house, and used those same tile in our kitchen. You should check it out!