Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Artist Trading Cards- Latch Hook

In Art Club this year we have been trading all over the world.  We have created over 400 Artist Trading Cards this school year.  I try to offer the middle school students something new and different every time they come to Art Club.  I want to offer something that they might not get a chance to work with in class or at home.  Going through our supplies... this time we did Latch Hook Artist Trading Cards.  

This is how I prepped the activity.
I cut sections off a large grid

I used masking tap on the sides of the strips and then cut it into ATC size.

I added the masking tape on all sides of the grid.

We created the designs as I show in the video below and placed our ATC information on the back as always.  I had to offer to sign out our latch hooks because so many students wanted to make a second one.  It was a hit.


  1. what a unique idea! i used to love doing latch hook projects "back in the day" and sadly only finished about the size of an ATC--so these are perfect in my opinion! ;-) so great and different, i can see how they might be addicting! thanks for posting, Mrs. P @ createartwithme.blogspot.com