Monday, April 1, 2013

Mix and Match, Mixed Medium

We ended 3rd quarter with a very fun project.  Students were asked to use mixed medium to create an eye their own, and a mouth with a partner.  I created the nose for students to use.  Each of the eyes are created on a pizza round from the lunch room.  I have a endless supply from them, what a great resource.  The rest of the cardboard was from boxes from the lunch room as well.  GREAT way to upcycle.  When they have their eyes and mouth finished, they were able to finish with a photo.

The mouth is hanging from string with tape.

The eye was propped up on the whiteboard tray.

The nose was created by me and simply taped on the board.  Yep... that's a nose ring:)
Here you see students adding the eyebrows with a whiteboard marker.

I was impressed with some of the mediums that kids used.  They had to use paint, and show the corrugated part of the cardboard someplace.  You can see kids brought in beads, flower petals, feathers and more.  I provided magazines, maps, newspaper and a few other things by request.

As always, the kids made me smile!  I had a great time seeing them present their final work as well mess around with the finished work!

For more, please see my flickr site.  

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