Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Print

Trying to use up some supplies and ran across linoleum blocks.  I thought I would give a double print a try.  WOW did the kids have fun!  They love to do something that is out of the ordinary... printing and cutting tools were something new to these students.  

Boy did I hound them on safety...  Even though this was true, I would say 90% of the students cut them selves in some way.  0% of the students complained about it.  They were just having too much fun!

The first day I set up 4 printing stations.  I asked students to pay attention to how they were set up and the next hour we printed, they were in charge of setting up the stations.  It worked like a dream.

My favorite part of this lesson was trying a new registration method.  It was highly successful and I would recommend it to all.  Check out these video.  

This is the short version of registration

This is the long version that I showed the kids.


  1. brilliant idea for doing the registration of the prints! looks like you were having the care real lino not e-z-cut...that is hard to do...good for them!

  2. Love your registration process! Great! As for the kids cutting themselves, if you are going to cut linoleum again, invest in (or make) a few inexpensive bench hooks (also called bench pins), which are basically constructed from a folded piece of metal or a couple of pieces of wood nailed/glued together that will hold your work in place without putting your hands where they will get cut. That way, no blood on the art room tables!!

  3. Kids lone printmaking. I remember doing a lesson in middle school with Lino prints. I am in the process of finishing foam printing with my third graders. They loved it too! Your post is fantastic.