Monday, May 27, 2013

Food Sculptures

What a fun end of the year sculpture!!!  We looked at Claes Oldenburgs work for this fun sculpture.  We started out with a plastic bag form, only using plastic bags and masking tape.

Creating the form of the sculpture

Lucky for us we ran into a couple of nice days so most of our paper mache was done outside.  I don't care how old you are, paper mache is a unique experience.  It is something that will stay in your memory for a long time.  We used fabric for our sculptures because I'm using up donated supplies.  It works well with newspaper too.

Student then placed their sculptures on paper to dry for two days.  They flipped the work on day two so that it would dry on both sides.

We finished with painting with acrylic paints and adding the 'extras' with hot glue.  Fun results... and lots more to look at on flickr.

Here was the over all break down.

Day 1: Design and form the bags and rip fabric for the following day.
Day 2: Paper Mache
Day 3: Flip the sculptures (we started working on something in the lab this day to allow for more drying time)
Day 4: Paper Mache- this allows students to strengthen week spots and students who were gone to have a chance to Paper Mache.  (A weekend follows this day so it can dry all the way)
Day 5: Paint under painting
Day 6: Paint over painting
Day 7: Add extras

In the background the whole time, student sare working on their magazine bowls.  This helped allowed students to take their time, and use as much time as they needed.  If they were don, they worked on their other sculpture.  I always do the magazine bowl while working on sculptures in class.  It'a a perfect combination.


  1. Wow! these are amazing works!... It seems that your students had a lot of fun in this project! Anyway, the results are very effective!

  2. These are great - looking at them is making me hungry!

    I use plastic bags (but stuffed with newspaper) shaped with tape for armatures all the time for papier-mache. Works so great, and doesn't get soggy like newspaper wads! You must have used a LOT of plastic bags.

  3. This is awesome! I did large scale sculptures with students working in groups. They used a lot of burlap sewed and stuffed with newspaper. I like the size you chose, it makes for a great installation!