Thursday, May 30, 2013

Make and Take: Glow bugs

The Arts Alliance of Elk River is going to be offering 'Make and Takes' for the summer on Thursday nights.  Please bring you kiddos to downtown Elk River after visiting the Elk River farmers market. Make a little craft with the Elk River Arts Alliance 'Make and Take' and eat dinner with Reading Frenzy.  Then finish the night at the Concerts in the Parks just down the way.

Inspired by, the first project of the summer will be the wonderful glow bug seen above.

Bottels were prepared ahead of time by hot glueing eyes to the cap.

With a long sheet of paper, fold the page in half and punch two holes on the folded side.

Cut a full length pipe cleaner in half and twist it into an 'X'

Place the 'X' through the holes.  These will become the bug legs.

Wrap the paper around the bottel.  Staple it to secure it.  You may need to use tape or hot glue to secure it tighter.

Cut a second sheet of paper into wings as seen above.  Decorate the wings with markers and crayons.
Staple or glue the wings on to the sheet of paper wrapped around the bottle.

Take a second pipe cleaner and wrap it around the neck of the bottle for antenna 
Last step would be to take a glow stick and place it in the bottel to make this a glow bug.

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