Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Speed dating in Art Class

We did a little speed dating today in class.  Spring is in the air but don't worry mom and dad... it's not what you think.  For the students warm up, I asked them to draw 4 ideas for their food sculpture that we will be making soon.  After about 5 minutes I explained that they are going to go on a speed date.  They will need their art packet, a pencil and some 'charm':)

I line the kids up in two lines facing each other.  I make sure they know who their first date is by going in the middle and 'introducing' them to one another.  They have to share one, prompted thing with their date and then write an idea off from the other persons warm up.  When students change partners I give them a new prompt for them to share with their new date.  Some ideas include...
  • Complement their outfit
  • Tell them what flower they would like to get on their second date.
  • What is the favorite filling of a box of chocolates.
  • Who do they most admire.
  • Where do they see themselves in 5 years.
  • If given a choice for their next date between a quite walk on the beach of sky diving, what would they choose.

 The kids love this (I love it too:))!

When I 'ding' the bell, this means the first person on the right side goes to the back of the line and the rest move down.  They repeat this process 10 to 12 times.  It takes no more then 10 minutes.  Perfect, and fun way to generate ideas.

If you have an odd number in your class, I call them the third wheel.  They stay at the end of the line and take the same in a triangel group.

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