Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Make and Take: Chromatography Butterflies

This weeks Make and Take features two new teachers.  Mrs. Rasmussen from Rogers Middle School and Mrs. Glew from Rogers Elementary.  Both teachers are or have been my co workers, but more importantly good friends of mine.  I will not be able to be there this Thursday but you are privilege to have these two wonderful teachers and their kiddo's introduce their crafty side!  

Both teachers teach Science (Mrs. Rasmussen at the Middle School and Mrs. Glew at our STEM school to our Kindergarten students).  They are going to teach you about Chromatography.  Here is one way to create this project but I was inspired by both the Crayola Chromatography, and Chromatography Butterflies by Buggy and Buddy.

You will need water, coffee filters, rubber bands, washable or water based markers, and I use a glass (optional), a scrap paper to color on (also optional) and one or more willing participants. 

 In the center of the coffee filter draw a large dot with on color.  I found black to have the most change of colors.  Once we made one, we then tried more colors and methods. 
 Place the colored on coffee filter on the glass with a rubber band.
 I just had my mini use her fingers to place water on the dot.  You may use a eye dropper or straw.
 Watch the magic happen.  The colors start to separate.

 Try more dots and more colors... We kept experimenting and guessing what was about to happen.
 For those of you who need a project, rather then just the process... here's what you can do with this project.  Make it into a butterfly!  The only thing you need to add to your list is a pipe cleaner. 
This Make and Take will be done at the Arts Alliance of Elk River, July 25th from 5:30 to 7pm!

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