Sunday, August 4, 2013

Comparing Products: Prang vs. Crayola Markers

Comparing PRANG marker set with Crayola was really hard.  I have to admit... I'm a BIG Crayola marker fan, always have been.

Right away I noticed the two 'bonus' markers in the Prang marker set.  There is a light blue and mint green.  Both great colors to have when doing a warm and cool lesson.  Often when I have done a warm and cool lesson with markers there are not enough choice for the cool colors.

After asking my son to help me color all the colors we feel that Prang often is a more true color when it comes to Red, Orange, and Yellow.  Pink and Gray are weaker colors in the Prang pack. and blue was a bit more purple (Crayola had a nice blue).

Tips are durable and the package claims they last longer without the cap (I have no opinion on that right now).

The caps are all white.  At first I looked at this as a down fall.  I like the identifying quality of Crayola on the caps.  However, I was watching Sawyer as he was coloring and noticed that he put the cap on the wrong color.  These caps are interchangeable.  Nice idea Prang:)  Speaking of caps, both are about the same for keeping the caps on... both have a good grip to the marker.

Buying this product means you can earn Prang Power, or points to put toward free product.  Prang also supports the Kids in Need Foundation.

In many of my post you will see me using water to manipulate the markers in a different way.  I found Crayola to be better for this application.

After working with the product, Sawyer wanted to give his own review.  This kid might have a future in this:)

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