Sunday, August 11, 2013

Comparing Products: Prang vs. Rose Art Colored Pencils

I had a lot of fun comparing the colored pencils from Prang with those of Rose Art.  When I opened the pencils from Prang I was excited about so many things.  Here are a few.

I had Matisse help me out with these pencils.  I gave her al of the pencils and asked her to color her picture.  She only picked up the Prang pencils.  I asked her why and she said it's because they are 'fatter'.  The size difference between the two was quite a difference.  The Prang pencils was a perfect fit for my Mini's small hands.  There is a triangular shape to the pencils.  This too was helpful for the grip.
Something that we saw right away was the small pencil sharpener offered in the Prang set as well.  It's always nice to have a hand held sharpener for artists as they are working. 

In the three images above you can see the side by side comparison.  Prang's lead is HUGE compared to Rose Art.  Also, I was happy to see how strong the lead is too.  Matisse was able to color for a LONG time and not even really dull the tip hardly at all.  This would be a GREAT advantage to our student in the classroom.

Buying this product means you can earn Prang Power, or points to put toward free product.  Prang also supports the Kids in Need Foundation.  Also the packaging is PEFC Certified, in short... environment thoughtful!

As you can see this Mini took her job very seriously.  Hands down... if given a choice of product, I would choose Prang pencils or my Mini's and my classroom.

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