Saturday, August 3, 2013

Comparing Products: Ticonderoga Pencils


The first product that I'm reviewing is the Ticonderoga Pencils.  These have always been my favorite pick so this was a easy one for me.  There were a lot of features that I didn't know about with the pencils that I would love to share with you.  In short, this made me understand WHY I really do like the self proclaimed "World's Best Pencil".

First, when you order a pack of 30 ct. your going to get a VERY well packaged product.  I was happy to see that the pencils were pre-sharpened.  As a teacher, this is a GREAT advantage.  It's kind of hard to see but the sharp points are protected in their plastic case with a little pad at the bottom.  Also the packaging is PEFC Certified, in short... not to bad for the environment!
The other package I received was in a plastic sleeve, not sharpened, and loose erasers.  This was my first observations.  Then I sharpened them... This is my number one irritation with pencils.  As you can see the WalMart Brand's led is off centered.  That means that when sharpened, the wood is high on one side of the pencil and doesn't allow the lead to last long at all.  The images below shows when I was rough with both pencils, enough to break the lead, a large chunk of the lead fell out.  This means the pencil will be eaten up fast.

I put both pencils to the test asking Matisse to sharpen them.  She was able to sharpen both successfully!
 A few other things that I like about the Ticonderoga Pencil is that the product supports the Kids in Need Foundation and you can earn Prang Power where you can earn points for free school products.
I have three more products to review in the next week...  Can't wait!

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