Saturday, August 31, 2013

Empowering my Students

I like starting my 8th grade off with a nice easy/relaxing lesson for drawing.  I typically will do a pattern or zentangle project.  Here are two GREAT inspirations!  The flags are from Liz Saxen's Flickr and from Emily Houtz Diva Challenge.  Both are great lessons to ease into drawing so I don't car what one we do as a class.  I wanted to give the kids the choice so I will have them vote the very first day of class.  I'm planning on having this projected on the Smartboard and allowing them to come in and choose.  We will know our results immediately.

My hope is to empower my students.  I want to give them as much choice in how they learn as I can.  This is one of the many ways I can do this.  Below is the google form that I made for this first survey.  I didn't post this for you to vote.  I just wanted to show you how cool a google form looks now with an image.  Adding images is a somewhat new thing for google forms and I can see Many possibilities for this application in the visual arts.

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