Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Warm and Cool Corn

Starting a new project with my 2nd graders this week.  We are moving into some color theory... Warm and Cool color to be specific.  This year I thought we would do a still life of ornamental corn on large format paper.  Here's my lesson in short, my plan is that it will take us 3 weeks to complete. 

We will also be using this lovely video (below) to learn our warm and cool colors.  I'm not a singer, but I KNOW that music works for concepts.  Thanks for making the song Mrs. Yaniks!


  1. Hi NIcole
    This is a great lesson plan for second grade. We are learning warm and cool right now - and there will be Indian corn in the markets soon for Thanksgiving.
    Your teaching video is fabulous. What app or software did you use to make it? Do you use an iPad and stand?
    I had a problem with audio on the embedded videos, although I had no problem when I went to
    Again, thanks for posting such a good video lesson.

    1. I do use the iPad for this one. I use iMovie App. VERY simple! I am also using a doc cam stand for my iPad. See the following post about the stand...

      Glad you liked the video.

  2. Have you ever considered the option of cool colored corn with a warm background? I have seen purple/blue Indian corn before.