Thursday, December 12, 2013

K-Art: Self Portraits

Another great K Art last weekend. As I will continue to mention, District ISD 728 has offered what they call 'All Day, Everyday' kindergarten.  In order to do this they cut specialist for kindergarteners.  This means that the K's get out an hour early instead of going to Art, Music, and PE.  Because of this, we (The Arts Alliance of Elk River)  felt that there was a need for Kindergarten Art curriculum.  Leah Schultz, Art Educator at Twin Lakes, and I are offering what we call, K Art.

These sweet self portraits are on of my favorite project to do with many ages, but kindergarten is at the top.  I love the honesty that K's bring to drawing themselves!  Look at the pride!!  These artworks are certainly worthy for a frame.

To see all the images from the K Art classes, check out this link.


  1. Sweet portraits. They are fortunate you and your colleague are able to offer them some art.

  2. These are precious. There is nothing better than a child's self portrait. Thanks for sharing!