Thursday, December 19, 2013

Visual Texture: The Singing Snake

To support the idea of Visual Texture in my class I had the students create 'Sining Snakes'.  I read the book The Sining Snake, by: Stefan Czernecki as an extension of their classroom exploration of Australia.  They will be using the snakes in a book that they make for in their homerooms.  

Here is the story I read to the kids.

This was a two day process.  I showed the story first and then explained aboriginal art.  I used techniques from Marsha Tate to really get the information into the kids heads.  They then drew the snake and outlined it with white dots using white paint and a Q-Tip.  

Day two was spend creating the pattern on the snakes, filling it in with earth tones.  If they had extra time, student create circle patterns around the snakes.  The snakes and circles will be cut out of their paper and placed in their books.  It might look something like this in the book.  An explanation of the project, or the studies in class will be glued someplace on the page as well. 

It's always fun to collaborate on project.  I love the 2nd grade team that I'm working with this year!  I miss having a 'team' to work with, that is only a elementary thing.  The middle and high school is MUCH harder to work collaboratively with co workers.  

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