Tuesday, December 17, 2013

White Texture...

What a fun Tactile Texture project!  What I love about this project is it give students an amazing opportunity for creativity.  I bring them through how to make a couple of textures but then I leave it up to them.  Most students can't wait to create their own tactile texture.  They look WONDERFUL displayed as a large group!

Here it the video explaining the process...

Once again, I was inspired Pinterest... I would love to site the source, but it simply brings me to the image.  Click here to see the original.

For a game to support this activity, please see my Texture Game by clicking here.


  1. What grade level? Love the lesson and the video.

    1. 2nd grade. They are loving this project. They like that they have so much freedom!

  2. I remember doing this project about ten years ago -- I originally found it in a SchoolArts magazine.