Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Draw an ear from Life...

To prepare for our ear drawing we practices for a whole hour.  I had the kids separate a paper into for sections.  Here are the 8 ears that we drew...

  1. They drew once using the video Proko video highlighting the Why? (watch the video, and your'll understand)
  2. Followed another video posted earlier.
  3. Follow a paper, step by step ear, by Triarco
  4. Draw a ear from life (as shown above)
  5. They turned the other direction and drew another ear from life
  6. They had to use different object to create an ear (art supplies, sports, and so on...)
  7. An ear of an elf
  8. An ear of their choice.  
This was a great way for students to really brainstorm ways to create an ear.  I think we will have some good ears to send into the contest by Triarco

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