Saturday, January 4, 2014

K-Art: Mosaic Heart

Another K Art today!  Leah Schultz, instructor at Twin Lakes Elementary, taught the class today.  The kids created a Clay, Mosaic Heart. These turn out great after being fired.  The Red clay turns more red, and the tiles really 'pop' when a layer of clear glaze is added.  Clay is always a favorite!

The kids not only got to make the art today, they got to learn about the kiln


  1. Love this. The previous art teacher left me tons of mosaic square tiles. . . Are you saying I can have the kids press them in clay (they are already glazed) and then fire them and the glaze on the tiles will still look good???? I had no idea. . . that would be amazing.

    1. Erica- Be sure to do a project sample 1st. Do one without glaze and one with a layer of clear glaze. It was quite the discovery when it worked for me but I don't know about all types of tiles.

  2. I will definitely try it! If we already had this conversation I am so sorry... Or maybe it's just déjà vu