Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winter Conference: The Art of Education

July was The Art of Education's first online conference! What an amazing concept!!  A conference specific to art educators, online, and jam packed with some 'big' thinking speakers.   This conference is online in real time with discussion between the presenters and participants.  Great questions were asked...and great conversations were taking place during & after the conference.  If you would like to go to a conference with great content...this is your conference!!!!!!  And you can do it from the privacy of your own home in your PJ's!!! Very nice!

I presented last conference and found it to be fun to share my thoughts  and practices with other art educators but more so, to learn from the other presenters who are bloggers and art educators that I have respected and followed for years.  

I will be presenting again in January.  My session with be about 'Empowering your Students'.

Sign up today!!!!  The conference is January 25th!!!!


  1. Sigh. You're the fourth blogger-friend that I've found posting about the conference, and teaching a session. As a retiree I can't justify spending the money when a lot of the conference is not relevant to my current situation, but I'm beginning to feel like the odd kid left sitting alone at lunch, that nobody remembers. Pitiful, I know.

    1. Phyl- I adore seeing what you post on FB. You are involved in art conversation and I appreciate everything that you are! You are so creative. You have given so much and your ideas are being practices this year... even if you aren't working. Your followers (especially me) use so much of what you share on your blog in our classrooms and in our lives. You are relevant and your soooo respected!