Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Student Critique

You can never have too many ways to talk about art.  I wanted the kids to give one another feedback today as they are about half way through their value drawings.  The below information is printed 3 times on the worksheet I handed them to critique their work.  My 8th graders were asked to identify and title their worksheet.  They then did a self critique for the first sections.  They had to rate their work and explain why they rated it that way.  Then they had to give some critical feedback to themselves.  Once they had a feel for the process, I asked them to move to a different artwork and fill it out on someone else.  This was repeated twice.  After reading the feedback the students continued to work for the rest of the hour.  I went to every artist (it took two days) and also added feedback to the worksheet.  I was able to have a short conversation with every student.  I think they found it really valueable and I know I enjoyed making the time to talk to each kiddo.

I do want to give props to Anthony W., a student in my AOE Assessment Class. I love teaching that course because I get so many great ideas to implement in my own classroom.  On this worksheet you see the rating system of Epic Fail... to... Nailed it.  That was inspired in one of the classes I'm teaching right now.  Thanks Anthony!

Link to the whole worksheet

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