Monday, February 17, 2014

Understanding the terms in my Art room.

I have a class this quarter with a high population of ELL students.  I was teaching the other day assuming that they knew some of the vocabulary only to find out that a few didn't have any clue what I was talking about because they didn't know what a doodle was.  I took for granted that they knew the words I was using.  I'm teaching variety and I want my students to use several kinds of mediums in their work but wanted to make sure all knew what the materials were, what they were called and how they can use them in their work.  Here was my solution, Please see the following video.  

I will say this took some time to accomplish (one hour) but what is the point of teaching if the students don't know what you are saying.  I felt this was good for all of my students because it gave them permission to 'just try it' and not have to worry about the grade associated with the experiment.  I think I will leave this in my practice for future classes. 

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