Sunday, March 2, 2014

3 Glows and 3 Grows

I am currently teaching the Assessment class for AOE.  Every time I teach a class I am reminded that there is so much good practice that I don't use in my classroom.  With all of the ideas I get from taking the these classes I implement about 10% and not because it isn't great stuff... Because there is so much in 'Best Practice' that there is no way to fit it all in.  I changed this formative assessment into a peer critique in my class.  It is called,  '3 Glows and 3 Grows'.  There is many ways to implement this into your classroom. 

Before starting this process, I showed student work in class and we give the glows/grows as a class.  I explain that a glow is when we are asking our students to give some feedback of what is done well so far in the work.  I tell them that a grow is something the artist could improve on. The first work of art we do as a group is always answered with a quick, one word response.  Before going to another work, I commend their comments but suggest on the next artwork we give more description.  If someone says 'tree' as a response, what does that say to the artist?  The second class example is more descriptive. Then we move our in the hall. 

I have taken my class into the hallway to change the environment a bit for them. I think by doing this students think of this a bit like a 'special' activity. They have brought their artwork and a white board marker, and white board with them.  As you can see I ask the students to decide the board.  Leave the board in front of the artwork and shift down one artwork.  I then ask the class to write a glow.  We shift again and they write a grow.


  1. I like the words Glow for compliment and Grow for the critique! I'm going to use that! Thanks! :)

  2. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing :-)