Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Let me take a SELFIE...

Have you heard this song... 'Let Me Take a Selfie' by The Chainsmokers?  Heard it the other day and had to laugh out loud because I see kids doing this ALL the time.  I see a art lesson coming out of it soon:)  

Update:  Thanks to Jen Carlisle who commented and said she was working on a Selfie project with her 6th grade.  She lead me to this image. (click here).  Very cool!  Thanks for sharing... Do other views have links of great Selfie projects?

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  1. My 6th graders are currently rocking the new old school selfie. We looked at famous old portrait paintings (think the original selfie) and they have to add a modern twist. I was inspired by the painting of "girl with a pearl earring" who is holding a camera taking a photo. http://www.thezooom.com/2012/03/692/