Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stop Motion: Production

Have you seen the new lego movie?  I love it!  There is a song called, Everything is Awesome.  It talks about working as a team.  This was our theme song for this project.  We went over many times what it looks like to be a team, and it paid off!!

Students had a practice day to work with the iPads and a second day that students created their stop motion.  In this first clip you will see the kids working in their groups.  I have them spread out throughout the room vs. the first day when they are closer together better to allow me to give everyone a hand as they are learning.  I'm always amazed at how 'on task' every student is when we do stop motion.

This second clip is more focused on an individual group.  You can see that there is a camera person who is taking the picture, a 'actress' who is moving the characters, and a director who is instructing both the camera guy and actress.  They are doing a great job as a team!

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