Thursday, March 20, 2014

Value Drawing: Control Group 2

I would like to update you on my goals this quarter.  One of the things I wanted to implement this quarter was more student choice in my class (click here to see my goals).  I had developed a modified 20% plan as part of this idea, but also wanted to give students the choice to of projects.  I did two classes with extreme student choice, and one class as a control group.  These are products from my control group.

I found that these students were more self reliant.  They were able to have the same instruction all at once and there was less confusion.  They were also able to evaluate each other better because they knew the objectives in a more concrete manner.  They were still allowed student choice but less of it.  I let them choose any subject that they wanted to place on their table top.  I found that most kids did shoes because that was my example.

Not sure what I will use next time for value.  I find pros and cons to student choice and traditional methods of teaching.  I think it has to be based on the amount of students in a class, and maybe the class make-up itself. 

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