Friday, April 4, 2014

Art Camp for Art and Music Teacher

This post is for the local art teachers in Minnesota.  I want to share a wonderful opportunity for staff development.  These classes are created with Art and Music teachers in mind.  The classes are limited so register right away.  Click here for a list of classes and locations.  Click here to bring you to the Paramount website where you can register for a class.  I have already signed up, let me know if you will be joining me.


  1. Wow, how rad is that?! I want a class like this in Tennessee! If I can shake this Southern accent and fake a Minnesotian one, do you think they'd let me in?!

    1. You can totally be in. Just say 'You Betch'a' once and a while and that will help you fit in:)

  2. You betcha! I'll come! (If it was a wee bit closer...)