Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Decorating Eggs with 'big kids'

I had a little 'girls night' with a bunch of my friends last weekend.  I am an activity person so I wanted to give a reason for us to get together.  I set up several 'stations' for decorating eggs.  The picture above shows the brown eggs and white-out pens. This was by far my favorite!

We also had a station with some Modge Podge and napkins.  This was a nice and simple way to decorate the eggs.  It went fast but it was one of the only stations that needed to dry.

I bought a new pack of colored sharpie markers (great excuse).  They were used for more traditional designs. 

 We used some Washi Tape as well.  It worked really well to cover up eggs that perhaps didn't start out as a successful:)

Another station was the glue dots covered with glitter.  I would over all say that was my least favorite... but it's always fun to get a little glitter all over:)

What a great time with some great friends!

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