Friday, May 2, 2014

'Best Dressed Art Teacher'

So Mike Kantor and I share a space this year... I think that has been mentioned a couple of times in previous post.  Here is why sharing a space isn't totally bad:)  Some of you might have seen Mr. Kantor in recent post from Cassie Stephens.  He submitted his entry for 'Best Dressed Teacher'.  This is why this costume is so funny...

I walked into class today like normal, but I couldn't find Mr. K.  He had camouflaged himself to 'blend' into his surroundings.  Can you see him?

OK... Let me give you a hit.  That stink'n get'up of his really works:)

Mike had also bought me a matching outfit... so here we are being paintings with one of his 3rd grade classes. 

So, I would encourage all of you to visit Mr. Kantors blog and then take the time to vote for the "The Best Dressed Art Teacher" on Cassies site.  I know I'm going to... but first, let us take a selfie:)


  1. Aw, I LOVE you guys! Come teach with me, puhlease! I'll make the coffee and supply additional crazy outfits! Thank you for sending folks over to vote, I appreciate it!!

  2. Awesome! I want one of those, too for the next time I have to have a "fancy dress" at school.

    Kim @ Art on my hands