Thursday, June 5, 2014

End of the Year Weaving

There is no better way to end the year then with weaving.  My 2nd grade son brought home this 'minion' from his art class and It was the inspiration to the two projects we did at the end of the school year for my 2nd grade classes.  Some of the classes I was going to see 4 times and others only 2 times.  With end of the year field trips, performances, track and field days and award ceremonies, there was quite a difference in how often each group was going to have art.  We did two weavings because of it.

These 'minions' were done with the class that had 4 days.  We learned the vocabulary (see previous post) and the 'how to' with the yellow string.  They continued with braiding the arms, and weaving the bodies the next few visits.  Then I took them off the loom and tied off the warp to make it look like legs.  The final touch was the googley eyes.

For those classes that had fewer days, I had them weave on a CD.  I had done this with older kids (see previous post) and had a real success... Elementary did a great job as well.  Some were able to turn their CD's into 'funny faces' with foam and googley eyes.  Others just took the CD home with them.

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