Saturday, July 12, 2014

How does my garden grow?

The garden is growing... We made our garden a even happier little place to be this year by adding a colorful fence and some raised beds.

Don't you just need to walk in... That little gate is so inviting.

This is my hibiscus that comes in every winter.  It isn't a plant that likes the changes from inside to outside but I have found just the opposite.  I have never had so may blooms on it.  It too finds my garden 'happy'.

Much of what we used for the raised beds and paths are from our neighbors deck.  They wanted to take it down and we needed the wood.  We repurposed to make the boxes and the rest of the wood we cut to become this sweet little path.  We placed straw around the outside to cut back on the weeds. 

As much of the nations has had, some of our plans are a little yellow do the the crazy rain in June.  But the plants are still growing.  Here I have a cucumber plan that was trying to take over the tomatoes.  I have put to gather a little ladder for it to climb.  We went to the compost and grabbed some sticks.  Then I used chicken wire that we had around and placed it on the branches.  I simply have it resting on the fence and the vines have a place to reach and crawl on. 

We still are using our garden stones made several years ago for Gardenpalooza. A community garden group that we were in while living in the town homes. We made pinch pots and pressed the names in the bottom.  See previous post (click here)

So this is where I have been for much of my summer.  In my mothers day hammock, watching my garden grow.  What a happy little life!

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  1. I had to start my tomato plants in June and they are finished now. Last year I trimmed them back and got a second season. My squash and hopefully cucumbers are now enjoying the Texas hear! Enjoy yout happy place. The fence is really cute.