Saturday, July 19, 2014

Monster Mediums- Acrylic Paint

This is Granny. Granny is 103 years old. She is very proud of her age. She lives a very active life. Some of the things that Granny likes to do and her spare time is ride her longboard, skydive, go to rock 'n roll concerts, and karate.  You can find her every Tuesday morning at the monster café eating her favorite breakfast. She loves to have a chocolate milkshake, two scrambled eggs, and three pieces of French toast.

Can you guess Granny's medium?


  1. hum...acrylic paint, and paper collage but I think you painted tissue paper or some paper with texture before creating the layers? that is my guess. LOVE It!

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  2. Ding, Ding... Acrylic paint! There is a little texture from the application. I'm hoping this will provoke some GREAT discussion and thoughts from my minis at school.